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megadrivesonic's News

Posted by megadrivesonic - November 28th, 2013

Killer Instinct has been mistreated by Microsoft since 2007, they wouldn't let Rare make it because MS wanted Nuts and Bolts, but because that one game did poorly they sent them to Kinect hell never to return. Then Microsoft had the Gaul to give one of gaming's most underrated franchises to Double Helix, the company who hasn't made a single good game their entire career (they made the Michael bay battleship game).
As I saw more of the game play it kind of looked fun but Microsoft somehow had to ruin that by not only rushing the game but making it a free to play game, forcing you to buy the rest of the characters. On top of that we only have 8 characters! This was OK for something like skullgirls because they were an indie developer with limited resources but have been releasing more characters for free when they first come out( doesn't help its $14.99).
Double helix doesn't have this excuse so even for $20.00 this game is very bare bones since there is no story mode, no arcade mode to my knowledge, just overall it’s not a good value. But the thing that really got me was the characters they decided to put it, now I’ll give them credit for keeping most of the original fighters such as Jago, Saberwulf and Orchid. However It baffles me that they left out fan favorites like Cinder and Riptor in favor of Sadira who may or may not be good.
But I will admit that’s a nitpick but this game not being a good value for your money is not. If they were allowed to Finnish this game and not rush it, I might have had a different view on this game but unfortunately is not the case. I’ll be surprised if Microsoft releases this on the PC on steam in its complete state (fingers crossed). Now I will try a demo of this game if given the chance but that won’t be likely for a while. If you like the game that’s fine however I wrote this so you would be aware of not only its micro transaction nightmarish nature, but also so you knew the history behind Rare having a passion to make this game but Microsoft ultimately squandering Rare’s talent.

MS what have you done to Killer Instinct!?

Posted by megadrivesonic - November 7th, 2013

YouTube, Stop making things worse...Please. Why can't I reply to old comments? Why can't I go to my inbox by clicking an inbox button? I continue to wonder why google keeps insisting we should be ok with changes like this?

Petition to stop this BS: https://www.change.org/petitions/google-change-the-youtube-comment-section-back-to-its-original-form#share

Posted by megadrivesonic - June 28th, 2013

For those who i haven't been able to reply to or a lack of art. At the beginning of this week my little brother ended up having five seizures that day each not to far apart from the other( it didn't help he had one before that that ended up popping his left arm out of its socket). Hes been in the hospital and ER this whole week and is thankfully going to be coming home tomorrow. Things are starting to return to normal but i can only pray that nothing else bad happens to him or anyone in my family right now. Just wanted to update you guys on what's been going on, its still yet determined whether my family and i will be in California for a week or so but ill keep you posted on what happens.

Posted by megadrivesonic - June 13th, 2013

I have to say after watching all the E3 conferences I'm pleasantly surprised how many good things are coming out of Sony and Nintendo( not Microsoft for obvious reasons) I'm going to give you my thoughts about what the three gave us this year.

Lets start off with Microsoft. I can't believe rather than trying to undo the damage that was done at the reveal and the days leading up to E3, They somehow made it even worse. They Showed very little to entice consumers and had very low regard to indie devs. What's makes this worse is they lied about some games saying they were exclusive to xbox one, Titanfall was said to be exclusive when EA later said it also be for pc and ps4. It doesn't help they apparently paid 3rd party developers to not show games on the ps4 and yet microsoft had no games still. Microsoft just killed it for the xbox one, if you get one your supporting bad business models such as the always online drm.

When sony's conference came along it was a godsend to gamers. It may have started off a little boring with the vita talk but after that it was game after game. It also seems like sony was the whole time giving microsoft a big fat middle finger when talking about how you don't have to pay a fee with used games or no online drm. By far the biggest game announced on the ps4 was kingdom hearts 3( why did it take them so long!?) Sony definitely has got the goods for gamers however theres only one bad thing they announced You'll have to have ps plus for multiplayer, despite that ps plus is still a better value then xbox gold( free full retail games on psn). Its clear that sony just dominated microsoft this E3.

The for me the big one was nintendo's E3 direct. Its exactly what i wanted nothing but game after game. They even apologized to gamers about the lack of games recently. All the games showed were great, dkc tropical freeze, mario 3d world, smash bros 4, mario kart 8 and of course Ducktales remastered. They also showed plenty of third party games showing EA they didn't need em at all. Overall Nintendo and Sony won E3 and microshaft failed. What's your take on all this craziness? i'd like to know.

Posted by megadrivesonic - May 30th, 2013

As most people who are gamers or sonic fans know, Theres been alot of news regarding the new sonic game "Sonic Lost World". According to polls on Sega's forums, The reaction was pretty mixed. One thing i've noticed though was allot of people whining and complaining about the fact that its a nintendo exclusive. Yet for some reason no one complained when sonic colors was a nintendo exclusive, What made that one different? I'm just glad this time that no one complained how theres a green hill style stage or the fact its modern sonic. You have to realize the reason its exclusive is because sega and nintendo made a deal for from what has been told three sonic games. Im looking forward to playing this game and when i get it i will review it, now i encourage you all to wait for the game to come out before declaring it sucks or it doesn't belong on a nintendo system. Now let the debates begin!

Posted by megadrivesonic - March 24th, 2013

there is quite a story behind what i managed to screen cap because its to funny not to tell the story behind this. My little brother wanted to play "Left4Dead2" so he was playing it and one point in the campaign "Swamp Fever" he came across a witch( who i modded to be Amy rose for some reason) so we decided to kill the creepy thing. first we set a bomb to go off and threw a Molotov. The witch was set of fire and the bomb went off as planned but it didn't kill the thing, so she still running while on fire flailing her arms out at us, knocked us down to almost death and then the game crashed on us. Once that happened i started to laugh and just had to screen cap this as a trophy that made my brother rage quite the game. Ever since i started playing this game, i never expected something like this to ever happen while my brother was playing. If anything this was the best thing that happened this week.

Witch Amy On Fire Caused L4d2 To Crash

Posted by megadrivesonic - March 14th, 2013

I have a question for my watchers and friends? Have you ever felt like everyone just stopped caring about your art and what you think for no apparent reason, even your best friends? I've been feeling like this ever since this year began, I just don't see anyone really caring about my art anymore, no critiques or anything. These are times I ask what I'm doing wrong.
I strive to put my art out for all to see, I'm fairly decent at networking it around. I know critiques sound meaningless to most of you but take this into consideration. As an artist I want to have critiques to help improve my art otherwise it seems people don't care if whether your art improves or not. I think most artist can relate to this, wanting to know people who are enjoying their art. I needed to get all this off my chest.
I hope my watchers understand this.

Posted by megadrivesonic - March 2nd, 2013

my tablet started working again yesterday, but i have a feeling that's not gonna last long, so im still not out of the hole yet. going to call dell about the issue tomorrow.

Posted by megadrivesonic - February 26th, 2013

well this is just fantastic, it appears my old genius tablet the one i've been using since i discovered pressure sensitivity died. It seemed to stop functioning on me in the middle of drawing. The only tablet i have right now is a wacom intous4 that that's not working at all( just after i got the darn thing too) so since that wasn't working i've been using my old one. But now that my old one is dead im screwed, with a wacom device that isn't working. I may have to call dell or wacom since its more likely the computer doing this but i have a feeling there gonna charge me to say the have no idea whats wrong. If there's anyone who knows how to fix the issues of a dysfunctional intous4( the cursor wont move at all when plugged in) please contact me. Of all times for this to happen, my genius decides to die now.

Posted by megadrivesonic - February 21st, 2013

incoming wall of text

this week was a serious trainwreck, mostly wednesday and today to be exact. It seemed one bad thing happened after another. Wednesday it rained like a typical rainy day in Seattle, only im in Arizona. i ended up sitting in the rain for a bus for about a half hour and no shelter from it in a light sweater. I later found out my little brother had a seizure on his bike on the way to college. Thankfully he was taken care of by firemen and taken home safely. Later when going home, the wind started getting very strong. So strong in fact it knocked the glasses off my face. I went to go look for then in the rocks where they vanished but then it started hailing like crazy so i couldn't stay to find them. Because of the ballistic ice balls i had to run to shelter and lost track of where they fell and ultimately going home without them. Just to add insult to injury i found out today when i got home today two family friends of ours died. Sorry for the long wall of text but i really had a horrid week.