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Parents not letting their children watch "Adventure Time!?" What is this world coming to? What's next, parents forbidding their children to watch SpongeBob Square Pants? That would be an injustice against all humanity!!! For the love of cheese and rice, parents, please stop all of the madness before it is too late!!!

You seem to miss the point of this journal, I wrote this because the reasons were quite moronic on their part.

So how would you resolve this issue if you have a stubborn mother and an obeying sister? I don't see how breaking one of the Ten Commandments would come into play with a cartoon show such as Adventure Time. Adventure Time likes to break away the viewers from the norms and show them the abnormality. To be honest, Adventure Time should not be for younger audiences as there are jokes there that are meant for a more mature audience. But your sister is 11, she probably knows what hidden contexts and meaning are in the show, so she should have a right to watch it.

Just give it some time to cool off in your home, as of right now it's a war zone against Adventure Time. Your mom would probably realize that she was over reacting on the situation and allow your sister to watch it again.

That is quite a silly reason to ban a show my parents saw one episode of family guy when stewie had a gun and banned us (me and my younger sister) from watching it. Though after watching a few episodes themselves they unofficially lifted the ban despite them disagreeing what is depicted in the show.

Your family is stupid.

Adventure time is a good show and by your sister still watching it, she is not breaking the ten commandments, like anyone cares about that these days. I support you brother on this issue that your mother is being silly and absurd, poor thing. besides, our show is going to be like that anyway and please show your sister our show and make her feel different. My mother tried to make me stop watching cartoon network and south park and I still watch it even today. Don't ever let your parents stop you from watching something fun. love adventure time forever bro.

hi beemo