Entry #65

The Sword and the Fox Release

2017-05-07 22:02:32 by megadrivesonic


The Sword and the Fox or Ken to kitsune is a story about a young swordsman named Junko who goes to seek sword left in the supposedly haunted castle of a former emperor and meets princess Hayami, a kitsune beast women Who now lives there. Your goal is to guide Junko through this journey to find the sword and find out who this kitsune is and why she invited you in.

This is my Entry to the #tyranojam Game Jam. I hope you all enjoy playing this.

you can play it here on itch.io: https://megadrivesonic.itch.io/the-sword-and-the-fox

and game jolt: https://gamejolt.com/games/The_Sword-and-the-Fox/254747


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2017-05-18 13:16:05

Really nice work on this one man, I'd love to see you do more with that pixel style!

megadrivesonic responds:

I'm glad you like it. I definitely hope to make more stuff like this.