Witch Amy On Fire Caused L4d2 To Crash

2013-03-24 00:11:45 by megadrivesonic

there is quite a story behind what i managed to screen cap because its to funny not to tell the story behind this. My little brother wanted to play "Left4Dead2" so he was playing it and one point in the campaign "Swamp Fever" he came across a witch( who i modded to be Amy rose for some reason) so we decided to kill the creepy thing. first we set a bomb to go off and threw a Molotov. The witch was set of fire and the bomb went off as planned but it didn't kill the thing, so she still running while on fire flailing her arms out at us, knocked us down to almost death and then the game crashed on us. Once that happened i started to laugh and just had to screen cap this as a trophy that made my brother rage quite the game. Ever since i started playing this game, i never expected something like this to ever happen while my brother was playing. If anything this was the best thing that happened this week.

Witch Amy On Fire Caused L4d2 To Crash


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2013-04-05 21:35:15

Hahahah, that's pretty slick! But hey, when are you and I going to work on something together again? :}

megadrivesonic responds:

soon, hopefully soon.