The Xbox one? How did they mess this up?

2013-05-22 03:13:53 by megadrivesonic

Warning: read the whole thing before you comment.

Before i share what i think about the xbox one( formally the xbox 720) I have to say that of all the things to name your console, You had to name it the xbox one? Ok now back to the matter at hand, This may have been one of the worst reveal to a console i've personally seen in years. There is literally no reason the get this thing whatsoever. Here are some reason this console and conference fail.

You are forced to be online at least once a day just to play your games offline otherwise. You can let a friend borrow a game since you'll have to pay a fee to play it on your friends xbox one, Basically there will be no used games. No backwards compatibility whatsoever with 360 games. Little to no games were shown at the conference. The kinect is still to be a priority to microsoft despite most people don't like it.

One thing i also noticed about this console is you are required to install the games like you would a pc game, Why would you require someone to enter a key and install and game on a console. But unlike the pc, you cant install the xbox one games multiple times( once you install it, its useless unless you pay a fee). Thankfully most people can clearly see the xbox one is a ripoff and are not buying it(sony and nintendo's stocks went up after this conference, no joke).

Now i know theres going to be someone who'll disagree with what i have to say but just say it, I like to debate. I'd like to know what do you guys think about the xbox one and everything revealed about it?


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2013-05-22 04:30:35


also whats up with the console looking like a PVR?

megadrivesonic responds:

I don't know,They somehow managed to even make the darn thing look like a cable box As if they didn't talk about it enough at that reveal.


2013-05-22 04:50:02

In my opinion, Sony has won the next-gen console war thus far and here is why. I must point out that, if you ask me, the PS4 is not really a strong contender at this point. Nothing about it really screams out to me "Buy me now!" Still, between the Xbox One and all the things we feared about it being true [Online DRM, Kinect being absolutely required, practically killing off any real chance of trading or selling games, mandatory game installs, etc.] and the Nintendo Wii U [Weakest hardware, by far, of the next-gen systems and 3rd party developers shying away from it], the PS4 stands out as the winner because Sony, more or less, has screwed up the least between the Big 3 as far as gaming consoles go.

Valve really has something to prove now if their Steambox is going to pan out to be something considerable. For now, the 3rd-party Piston is just an overpriced joke.

megadrivesonic responds:

thats pretty much how things are going. The wii u and ps4 are gonna lead this gen of gaming.


2013-05-24 13:15:06

i always been a sony fan , but it's not that bad
also i aree with DrmMackFoxx

megadrivesonic responds:

im glad people wised up this time around and abondoned microshaft here.