A new pokemon game already!?

2013-01-08 22:14:28 by megadrivesonic

well i know im late on all this but i had to say something. As you could tell from the video i wasn't quite as optimistic as everyone else. these starters im not so sure about. Cheston or whatever its called just looks like a land version of oshawott, look at them side by side and you'll see what i mean. I do like that there finally making a pokemon game fro the 3ds, my big question is why wasn't black and white on the 3ds? was there any reason it still needed to be on the ds? if anyone knows, please tell me. anyway im gonna go draw that frog now.


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2013-01-08 22:15:42

I personally think it looks like it'll be really cool, but Gen V felt damn short.

megadrivesonic responds:

how did gen v feel short?


2013-01-09 00:13:17

Well, it was released in what, 2011? That's only about 2.5 years.